Private Lessons (one-to-one)

The best way to learn the Alexander Technique is through a series of private (one-to-one) lessons. This is due to postural and movement habits, as well as rates of learning and interests differing from person to person. Also, students benefit most when receiving the maximum amount of hands on guidance from the teacher.

A private lesson consists of three elements:


Table work: In which you lay on a padded table in semi supine (lying on your back with legs bent) as we gently lift and move your arms, legs, head and neck. It is during this process that you begin to observe the unhealthy postural and movement habits that hinder your body’s natural coordination. Then, using verbal instruction and a gentle touch, we instruct you in a simple set of principles based on prevention of your habits (inhibition) and the proper employment of muscles (direction). This allows us to give you the experience of moving in a new way without your associated habits.


Chair work: Building upon the table work, we use the simple activity of sitting and standing in a chair as a vehicle to help you gain a deeper level of body awareness and more active application of the principles introduced during table work. We support and guide you into and out of the chair so that you can have the experience of moving with minimal strain and increased efficiency.


Application work: We assist you in applying what you have learned to an array of activities and help you perform those activities with reduced strain, efficiency of movement, and control. The activities are based on what you are interested in. Some examples of activities are: walking, playing an instrument, talking or singing, stretching, typing, lifting, dancing, hitting a golf ball and anything else you are interested in working on. We also have many exercises (a.k.a. “games”) for helping you to address habits of mal-coordination in specific areas such as arms, legs, hands and neck. Many of these “games” entail practicing movement such as bending, crawling, rolling and reaching. Becoming proficient in the application work sets the stage for applying the Alexander Technique on your own to your daily life.

After a private lesson students often report a quality of lightness and ease in the body, feeling taller, more balanced and experiencing less aches and pain, even after the first lesson! During a series of lessons, you learn how to recognize and change the movement patterns that diminish your posture, hinder your motion and cause injury; and to redirect yourself in a manner that restores good posture, kinesthetic sensitivity and a control that is fluid and lively. Applying the Alexander Technique to your daily life affords you powerful tools for reducing pain and stress, enhancing coordination and balance, improving overall functioning and preventing habits from forming in the future.

Private lessons are helping me to become aware of poor posture, bad habits, and the negative effects upon my musculoskeletal system. I have learned how to bend, how to sit, how to get out of a chair, how to stand, how to move my head—all simple things that I have, in retrospect, probably been doing wrong my whole life. Aches, pains are beginning to disappear and my balance has much improved.

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Details about private lessons:


Lesson Length: Lessons are 30 or 60 minutes long and are held on a weekly basis, except during the first month in which slightly greater frequency is recommended.

Duration of Lessons: We recommend a course of tthirty private lessons. The first ten lessons teach the basic principles and give you a framework, however thirty or more lessons ensures that you have gained enough skill to continue improving on your own. There is no contract and you are welcome to come for a few lessons and see if the Alexander Technique is right for you. Many of our students are surprised to see that the benefits they receive continue beyond their initial interests and choose to continue beyond thirty lessons. Others stop weekly lessons but return periodically for refreshers. On average students study with us for six months to a year.

Lesson Fee:

1/2 hr lesson = $40

1 hour lesson = $70

Pay per month = $10 discount

Students and Artists = $5 per lesson discount

We accept cash, check, Visa and Master Card. Please come with payment ready. (Checks payable to “Miller AT”) Payment is handled at the end of the lesson.


Scheduling a Lesson: We are available Monday – Thursday from 9:00am – 7:00pm, and Fridays from 9:00am – 6:30pm. Saturday and Sunday schedule varies

We will work together to set up a lesson time that is right for you. To ensure that a lesson time is available, we recommend that you try to keep the same lesson time from week to week, as well as schedule all of your lessons for a given month as early as possible.

Location: Private lessons are held at our studio, located in Farmington. (Please call or email for address and directions.) We offer in-home private lessons if needed and schedule allows. If you are interested in an in-home lesson please contact us by phone to discuss the details. Please note that there is an additional charge due to travel time, which is determined on a person by person basis.

Cancellation Policy: We request 24 hours notice for a cancellation. This allows us to reschedule the hour for another student. Students who do not give us 24 hours notice of cancellation will be charged a $25 cancellation fee.

Delays: If you will be late for your lesson, please call to notify us and we will try to accommodate if scheduling allows. However, please be aware that your lesson may be cut short.

Insurance: We do not accept insurance for lesson but are happy to provide you receipts for your lessons if you would like to pursue reimbursement directly through your insurance carrier.

I experience greater ease and more joyful awareness of myself moving in space.

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Sara and Eric Miller

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