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The Alexander Technique is a method of self improvement and care. It allows you to change the harmful movement patterns and habits of holding tension that interfere with your ability to move and feel your best.

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We offer private lessons and group classes. Contact us to schedule a free consultation to see if the Alexander technique is right for you.

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About Eric and Sara


Eric and Sara Miller are certified by the American Society for the Alexander Technique and specialize in working with performing artists and people experiencing pain.

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Free consultation

Schedule a free consultation to find out if the Alexander Technique is right for you. In a consultation we will go over your health history, do a postural analysis and discuss if the technique would be helpful for your situation. To schedule a consultation call 860-561-1240 or email eric@millerat.com

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I feel the Alexander Technique is an essential component in a well rounded approach to the conservative management of musicians’ overuse injuries. The Alexander Technique allows you to analyze how you use your body, which is helpful no matter what you are doing. The lessons can be customized and applied to any activity you may want to improve on such as; typing, baseball, music, dance, running, walking, etc.
My Alexander Technique lessons greatly increased my ability to be aware of muscles and poor posture. In addition, I learned how to function with less tension and better posture. I recommend the Alexander Technique to anyone who has back and neck strain or overuse type injuries. The lessons are valuable because they tech you to identify how poor body use and coordination may be contributing to theses problems, rather than simply treating the symptoms. T – Drummer