I feel the Alexander Technique is an essential component in a well rounded approach to the conservative management of musicians’ overuse injuries.
The Alexander Technique allows you to analyze how you use your body, which is helpful no matter what you are doing. The lessons can be customized and applied to any activity you may want to improve on such as; typing, baseball, music, dance, running, walking, etc.
My Alexander Technique lessons greatly increased my ability to be aware of muscles and poor posture. In addition, I learned how to function with less tension and better posture.
I recommend the Alexander Technique to anyone who has back and neck strain or overuse type injuries. The lessons are valuable because they tech you to identify how poor body use and coordination may be contributing to theses problems, rather than simply treating the symptoms.
T – Drummer

Studying the Alexander Technique has made me much more aware of my body, especially in regards to my theater education and performing. When singing especially, I now have the tools to take a step back, analyze what my body is doing, and release tension by directing my awareness forward and up. With a truly relaxed body, the voice works as it is supposed to, whether speaking or singing. Working with Sara has also helped me with my dance education. Her background in dance is incredibly helpful because she can tell me from first hand knowledge how my muscles are supposed to work and can point out to me when they are working correctly. In everyday life I can see a difference in body, my level of muscle tension is reducing, which is great. Studying the Alexander Technique is a slow process, but also a lastly and very rewarding one.
C – Actor/Dancer

I was not reluctant in any way after learning the major music schools promote the technique. I became aware of the amount of tension in my body that contributed to my tendonitis. I felt a heightened relaxation in my entire body. My playing is much “looser” and relaxed. My technique is greatly improved! I think “awareness” is the most valuable result of taking lessons! Thanks Eric!
M – Guitarist

I came to the Alexander Technique because of vocal problems I was experiencing. I had tried other solutions and knew my body was tense, but I tried to “force it” into a “relaxed position”. Alexander Technique lessons helped me to release the tension in my body. I also sleep better when I use what I have learned. Alexander Technique lessons have changed my life.

A – Vocal Music Teacher

I’m becoming aware of habitual movements that have contributed to years of chronic joint and back pain. After only a few months, I’m experiencing less pain and enjoying greater range of motion.
M – Librarian

The Alexander Technique is meditation in motion –helping me overcome six decades of misusing my body (and mind). Now I go for ‘floats’ instead of walks.
M – Retired Teacher

I have become much more aware of how I am using my body, both at work and in leisure activities. I used to be more “accident-prone” – now I seem to avoid incipient accidents.
F – Teacher/Photographer

I find the Alexander Technique to be very useful daily. I find I am continuously reminding myself of the AT principles and to this point have never felt better.
K – Trumpetist

The Alexander Technique is a part of the healing of my arm and neck problem, so that I can more easily play the piano and organ. I am learning to sit, stand, drive a car and play my instruments differently. I have made significant progress in retraining, and my health is noticeable better. As a bonus, my stage presence has improved. Focusing on forward and up, lengthening and widening, etc. keeps my mind off estimating the number of attendees or worrying about mistakes.
D – Organist / Composer

The Alexander Technique has been an enlightening and a useful tool for my yoga.
M – Yoga Teacher

My back use to be sore at the end of everyday. Now I do semi-supine at the days end and my back feels so much better. I am taking so much less Tylenol, Advil, etc. – it is wonderful!!
J – Professional Landscaper

The Alexander Technique is life changing, truly! It gave me a whole new awareness on how to utilize and improve my body, and on my unawareness of what I was unconsciously doing to misuse it.
L – Business Professional

My posture has improved! Also my understanding of walking, sitting and moving has increased so much. It is amazing that when I use the Alexander Technique I know how to move with the best interest of my back structure.


I came to the A.T. when the overall body tenseness I had live with forever began to feel like an armor preventing me from true connection to relationships in life. While learning and living the A.T. I have become more free and feel more a part of life. The patience, kindness and understanding of Sara smoothed the way into this transition. I am less tense, have more mobility and coordination, and better posture; all aiding to better self esteem. Thanks!

R- Energy Medicine Practitioner

Private lessons are helping me to become aware of poor posture, bad habits, and the negative effects upon my musculoskeletal system. I have learned how to bend, how to sit, how to get out of a chair, how to stand, how to move my head—all simple things that I have, in retrospect, probably been doing wrong my whole life. Aches, pains are beginning to disappear and my balance has much improved.
N – Business Owner

Lessons with Sara gives me an even more relaxed feeling than a therapeutic massage and the benefits last because she has taught me how to let go of the stress.
I have found the Alexander Technique to be a physically and mentally
life-altering experience. Thank you, Sara Miller!
N – Business Owner

Eric is a warm and compassionate teacher.
After Alexander lessons I feel more balanced, lighter and at ease.
L – Social Worker